Our Universe Is Really Amazing....

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my next topic is all about the amazing facts............
of universe

  • scientists believe that hydrogen comprises 90 to 99 percent of all matter in the universe
  • A space veichel must move at a rate of 11km per second to escape the earth's gravitational pull .
  • halley's comet is seen after every 76 years it was seen in the year 1986.
  • More than 75 million meteors enter the earth's surface everyday but they dis integerate before hitting the ground.
  • saturn's ring is not solid although they appears to be thin saturn's ring are actually particles of ice, dust and rocks the particles range from the size of a grain of sand to larger than skyscappers!!!!!!!
  • there are aproximately 10 thousand peices of materials revolving around the earth about 300 of these peices are sattelites the rest are odd bits of debris!!!!
  • their are more stars in the universe than their are grains of sand on earth
  • if fell into a black hole you can be streched like a jelly
  • the nearest galaxy to earth is sagittarius dwarf  it was discoverd in 1954 with a distance of 82 light years away from earth!!!!!
  • the milky way galaxy is whirling rapidly spinning our sun and all its others at around 100 million kilometre per hour 
  • 1day of mercury is equal to 59 days on earth.
  • during summers in uranus does not seen for 20 years in winter in winter dark ness lasts for 20 years 
  • earth's atmosphere is the only atmosphere discovered till date in which human can breathe.

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