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Now, we welcome the young scientist in the 1920's who is the combination of the great scientists in the past centuries.He is nor other than "EDWIN HUBBLE".

His contributions to our understanding of the universe came in two parts.

He was the first to determine by precise measurement the distances of galaxies, establishing that they were great but comparable galaxies in their own right,not objects in the Milky Way.

It was pretty cool to listen but it is just a begining.

He also took his mind to sum up a velocity-to-distance ratio was a straight-line proportion.

Using Einstein’s prediction that nothing in the universe can move faster than the speed of light, he arrived at the conclusion that at some point in space and time there was a physical beginning to the universe, the big bang, and that the universe had been expanding ever since.

He also compiled a point and said

      " looking backward in time, he arrives at the inescapable conclusion that all the matter in the universe was concentrated at a              single point."

Hubble’s work has been the part of all of modern theory of cosmology.

In this post i will compile the theories of hubble in our technologies where hubble exist as a soul................

Hubble’s biggest contributions to astronomy include witnessing a shattered comet plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere, studying planets outside our solar system, and providing the deepest views of the universe in ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared light.well, i would say that was his one of the "greatest hits" in astronomy.

What the hell "witnessing a shattered comet plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere"?

I would like to share a cool mechanism or nature of some elements of our universe. No not like this just reading this post will make you bore.

What i'll do is just make your self imagine that explosion a atomic bomb on Earth all at once and that too 2 dozen time at a week.That was too much.

Well those explosions complise a great destruction of the earth surface very badly.Then what really happened that still we are over here? Here's the entry of the giant planet "JUPITOR".So, he provided

a working which i would like to name "THE DREAM COME TRUE"

April 24, 1990, when NASA launched Hubble aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

The observatory is the first space-based visible-light telescope, orbiting about 380 miles (611 kilometers) from Earth. Hubble also sees in ultraviolet and near-infrared light.

A telescope was named after U.S. astronomer "the edwin hubble", early last century, discovered galaxies beyond our Milky Way and determined that space is expanding.

About the space craft-

The telescope is a behemoth: the size of a school bus (43.5 feet or 13.3 meters long) and weighing more than 12 tons (11,000 kilograms).

Its primary mirror is 94.5 inches wide (2.4 meters). The tubular-shaped spacecraft looks like it has wings.

These wings, however, are not used to fly. 

They are made up of solar panels, which collect light from the Sun to help power the spacecraft’s instruments.Hubble is the first of NASA’s four Great Observatories, a series of spaceborne telescopes designed to view the sky over many different wavelengths (visible, gamma rays, X-rays, and infrared).

The second was the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, in operation from April 1991 to June 2000. The other two Great Observatories are the Chandra X-ray Observatory, launched in July 1999, and the Spitzer Space Telescope, which sees in infrared light and was sent into space in August 2003.

"The Hubble telescope is helping astronomers answe many important questions about the universe and is bringing   pictures of many celestial objects into sharper view."

A quite intresting thing about hubble's research is that he found those galaxies(around 10,000) which were existing before the birth of our earth and the point for which i have become a greatest fan of universe is that Since the light from these distant galaxies must travel for billions of years before arriving at Earth,and we are seeing those galaxies as they appeared when the light left them, billions of years ago.

How more hubble can help us in future?
Although we know that life exists on earth. Is it true?
Astronomers will continue to use Hubble and other telescopes to study the universe. Like detectives searching for clues to a crime, astronomers are hunting for evidence to solve many questions about our universe. Are there other worlds in space where life exists? Where did we come from?

One more amazing fact the picture you are seeing on the left . A cross shaped body you are seeing in the picture is not a galaxy but its a star when the star is very bright the light travels through the telescope.

By Arnob

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