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the word "king" comes in our mind  when we think about one who is really a reputed person, who can do anything to extend!!!!!!
well if we compute a proper defination then we can say that.........

"if you describe a man as the king of something, you mean that he is the most important person in doing a thing and he is the best at doing it" 

well,in this post i am gonna talk about all those kings of universe those who have came up with there revolutionary ideas about universe which had a great impact in the study of cosmology well according to me they are.................

                         "GREAT GUYS  WITH GREAT MIND" 

"for me they are real life creative gods those who have existed on earth."          

they are nor other than...........                            'COPERNICUS,GALILEO,EINSTIEN,NEWTON'  

well let me start, to reveal the suspense of what we gonna talk about . Throughout  the thinking of all the imaginative minds what do you think, what questions arises in their minds about universe????....

these kings soughted some best quetions what i think would be. let us list them.......

"where we are in universe?
"what actually was there before space and time?"
"where did the universe come from?"
"and where it is right now?"

And many more! well these questions of their mind get the world amazed. They don't only thought these questions but they came up with their awsome answers. Because of these creative minds led to a continue with the imaginative mathematics, direct obsevations, new technologies and changed the veiw of whole study of "cosmology".I have already said that no any external power is saving us which a humankind named as "GOD" which led to the pressing of the real fundamental truth.
These minds led up to reconstruction of the study nature and enviroment  and reshaped the thinking of the universe.

"Physics" is known as the study of nature got a new era to the whole world because of these great guys.The word physics has been dedicated to the scientists those who have changed the veiw of a human kind.  

let us start to know about them what they have actually done for us.......


The basic mind or the starter thinker about the complicated topic "universe".The man was born on 19, february, 1473 in touren, poland. Who came up with the first proposal of universe techniques like how it works. lets see what was it...........

"he said that earth is not at the centre but sun is the one heavenly body which  exist at the centre of the whole universe".

He showed his veiw computing a pic. from his mind which made a revolutionary contradict in the thinking of whole world. And the greatest impact was seen in the nature of roman teaching of the catholic church who were the scholary and gotta religious thought at that time. Because of these Roman people his idea was banned, which was later on named as 'Copernicus’s heliocentric universe'. Which took a part in all the upcoming ideas about the universe. His scholary work ended on May 24, 1543 in Poland.


Galileo, perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern science. His
renowned conflict with the Catholic Church was central to his philosophy, for Galileo was one of the first to
argue that man could hope to understand how the world works, and, moreover, that we could do this by
observing the real world.Galileo had believed Copernican theory (that the planets orbited the sun) since early on, but it was only when he found the evidence needed to support the idea that he started to publicly support it. He wrote about
Copernicus’s theory in Italian (not the usual academic Latin), and soon his views became widely supported
outside the universities. This annoyed the Aristotelian professors, who united against him seeking to persuade
the Catholic Church to ban Copernicanism.The book, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was completed and published in 1632, with the full backing of the censors – and was immediately greeted throughout Europe as a literary and philosophical masterpiece. Soon the Pope, realizing that people were seeing the book as a convincing argument in favor of Copernicanism, regretted having allowed its publication.

Galileo, born February 15, 1564 in Pisa,Italy and He died tragically under house arrest January 8, 1642.


Isaac Newton was not a pleasant man. His relations with other academics were notorious, with most of his later
life spent very struggling. Following publication of Principia Mathematica – surely the most
influential book ever written in physics – Newton had risen rapidly into public prominence. He was appointed
president of the Royal Society and became the first scientist ever to be knighted.
Newton soon clashed with the Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, who had earlier provided Newton with
much-needed data for Principia, but was now withholding information that Newton wanted.Eventually he arranged for Flamsteed’s work to be seized and
prepared for publication by Flamsteed’s mortal enemy, Edmond Halley. But Flamsteed took the case to court
and, in the nick of time, won a court order preventing distribution of the stolen work. Newton was incensed and
sought his revenge by systematically deleting all references to Flamsteed in later editions of Principia.
Almost exactly one year after Galileo died in Italy, Sir Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643 in England.

The main thing for what i really love about him is that he made the laws which is every where equal in the whole universe.
He died March 31, 1727 in England.


The best man i have ever known is SIR ALBERT EINSTIEN the one who got  up with a new look of GRAVITY. the man is known for his most famous for his general theory of relativity and the equation E=mc2 Published in 1915.His theory made up the study of relations to space and time and all the new operations for universe in a new look.
In addition to his theories of special and general relativity, he also established the quantum nature of light, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1921.
Einstein, born March 14, 1879 andHe ended his career at Princeton University and died on April 18, 1955.



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