Travelling Of Light

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Light the fastest thing in the universe ......
we can never see "light in motion" or we can say light is a energy 
which is not in our hands in the basis of its speed 
here i am not talking about switchon or switch off  of our house bulbs............ well the line was just a gag for laugh.....

well right now above i said that we can't see light in motion but it can be seen now by new type of  photography that is pfemto- photography.....

well we are here to discuss.....

                                    "travelling of light"
the speed of light is 300000km/s and 300000000m/s
well that was something beyond our reach.....
it takes around 1.3 seconds to travell the distance of moon to earth for light.
and around 8.3 minutes to reach the earth from sun to earth.
 5.4hours to cross the distance from sun to the last planet of the universe.
a ray of light takes around 4.3 light year to travel the distance to reach the nearest star the star is
                                     "proxima centurai"

what is light year?
let us move on to light year .......

the travelling of light in one year is known as light year.
it is there fore a conveinient unit to learn the distance of space

"proxima centurai" is at distance of around 4.3 light year and in our locality the average distance to stars is around 3 to 4 light year.

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