The Birth Of Thinking

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As i have already said that "universe" is really a complicated topic .I feel that we are very much greatful that we are the one who are part of this earth (the only planet where life exist) and borned here as a human being (the most inteligent creature on earth).And got a chance to know the vast universe. Well every work starts from a basic concepts and we have acheived those basic concepts by the amazing workings of our great scientists in our passed centuries.

It was only as recently as the 1920s that we began to get a glimpse of the vastness of the universe of galaxies.And it is only since the beginning of the new millennium that cosmology has become a precision science, with a strong consensus emerging about what kind of universe we inhabit.

lets start our journey of what we gonna talk about............

Aristole lived on earth for around 384–322 BC who was the first to estimate the size ofthe Earth, using the angle of the shadow of a pole at noon at a location 100 miles south of the equator.whooo, that was really amazing but the thinking of universe was just started.Eratosthenes and Posidonius took part in the evaluation of searching about universe and used somewhat similar way as aristole did which passed around only 10% in the feild of cosmology.

Many thinkers started to give their veiws on the Astronomy and used different methods to know about different distances between two heavenly bodies i would like to pick one of them.Hipparcho, (In the second century BC) used a method----
              "  solar eclipse method to estimate the distance of
                  the Moon from the earth and deduced a value for 
                      earth by giving a value 59 Earth radii, a
                     little under the modern value of 60.3. " 

well this method was use by aritochoros too. he used this method to estimate the distance of earth by lunar eclipse but was out by a factor of 20.

The next comes the GREEKS with their scholastic minds and gave the euclidian geometry which we students know it very well by "THE EUCLID GEOMETRY" which gave the idea for the ring of modern science and the idea of an infinite physical frame.
I would like to share this that medival people use to think tha stars were at a range of distances but according to our new era
the stars are now been calculated to light years it really strikes to be very  far. Then the arabic derived.......... 

       "title reflects the crucial role of Arab scientists preserving 
             and extending the achievements of the Greeks."

Well that was not true and was provened by 'NICOLUS COPERNICUS'............
was aware of Arab work in his development of a Sun-centred (heliocentric) model of the solar system. A discovery of Copernicus that is less well-known is that he gave, for the first time, the correct relative distances of the Sun and planets. His values were within 5% of the modern values and the absolute scale of the solar system was not determined more accurately till the 19th century. The Copernican system also implied a huge increase in the minimum distance of the stars.

GALILELEO GALILIE the man behind the victory of 'NICOLUS COPERNICUS' as he took the wordings of his and and went against the thinking of the human society. He started his journey by discovery in 1609 of the moons of jupiter lent weight Copernicus’s picture of the planets orbiting the Sun. His discovery of mountains on the Moon showed this was another world like the Earth. And his resolution of the Milky Way into stars was the first step into the universe of galaxies. Galileo’s work on kinematics demonstrated the limitations of Aristotle’s physics and paved the way for the system created by Sir Isaac Newton (Newtonian mechanics) and still used for most everyday situations today. In his interesting dialogue with the philosopher Richard Bentley, Newton also discussed the idea of an infinite universe of stars.

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